Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is the process of resolving legal disputes between individuals and/or business entities that do not involve criminal charges. In other words, civil litigators represent clients in court, taking on cases that involve breach of contract, medical malpractice, consumer fraud, civil assault, etc. to reach a negotiated resolution of a case.

Civil lawsuits generally deal with claims pertaining to personal injuries, landlord-tenant disputes, disputes arising at the workplace, and wrongful termination among other cases. As such, civil litigators specialize in a wide range of complex civil matters that include:

  • Personal injury and wrongful death litigation
  • Divorce and family law
  • Health care litigation
  • Employment litigation
  • Insurance Defense

Finding a Civil Litigator in Ohio

The Rutan Law Firm is headed by a team of talented lawyers with considerable experience in litigation, mediation, arbitration and negotiation. We pride ourselves on guiding our clients through every step of the trial, preparing extensively and implementing aggressive strategies to ensure quick and favorable settlements.

Our attorneys have carved a stellar reputation for obtaining large settlements, while minimizing the risks associated with litigation.

We understand how difficult and frustrating it can be to fight for justice when you lack the resources to raise your voice. Our attorneys are easily accessible and responsive, making sure that your plight is not ignored.

If you are struggling to make your case as an individual or a business entity, do not delay action and consult our law firm. When you work with our civil litigators, you can expect transparency, trust and complete professionalism. We are not here to make you rich and someone poor. We are here to serve justice by giving a voice to the voiceless, and making sure that those accountable pay the price.

Nobody how hurt, angry, or financially distressed you are, do not take matters into your own hands.

Let the law stand by your side and contact the Law Offices of John P.M. Rutan for a free case evaluation.

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