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Even as you face a felony charge in Ohio, you still have rights – and all it takes to best assert them is having the proper criminal defense attorney at your side. Serving Columbus, Franklin County, and the entire Ohio State, The Rutan Law Firm provides you with the necessary legal assistance to defend the criminal charges leveled against you. Whether it involves a DUI or an OMVI offense, a drug-related charge or a graver felony, a criminal accusation will make a serious impact on your person and reputation.

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    Clark County Criminal Defense Attorney

    Clark County Criminal Defense Attorney John P.M. Rutan, deals with every type of felony and misdemeanor in Clark County Ohio. Whether you are charged with a DUI, Murder, Drug Possession, or Drug Trafficking, it will necessitate you hire an experienced Clark County criminal defense attorney.

    If you are accused of a crime in Clark County, it is imperative to hire an experienced Clark County criminal defense attorney. Rutan Law will check to see if the police did their jobs properly or whether any of your constitutional rights were violated. There are certain areas that need to be examined to make sure that the police acted in accordance with their duties and statutory procedures. Police failure to properly execute any of the following three procedures could result in the evidence that was gathered being declared inadmissible in court and the charges against you being dropped. Were your constitutional rights violated during the initial stop and search? Was there additional factors which justified a prolonged detention? Was the accused properly mirandarazied?

    If you are arrested, we are on your side and will always invest our time to investigate your case and hear your side of the story. Call Rutan Law to protect your freedom, rights, and reputation. Call or text now for a free consultation (614) 307-4343.

    All in all you’ve got a fighting chance in defending yourself against any charges if you hire the right Clark County criminal defense attorney. Contact Rutan Law at 614-307-4343 for a passionate and professional defense of your legal rights and a thorough examination of the police officers conduct and investigation.



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