Personal Injury

Accidents happen all the time; in fact, they happen to the best of us.

However, if a serious accident happened through no fault of your own and quickly became a source of emotional, financial and/or physical distress, you may seek damages with the help of a professional lawyer.

Personal injury claims are filed against individuals or organizations directly responsible for the damages incurred by their actions, products or services. This may cover automobile accidents, pedestrian accidents, hit and run incidents, cycling and bike accidents, as well as workplace accidents and medical malpractice.

Depending on the severity of the injuries sustained, as well as a host of other factors, an experienced attorney can help you seek compensation for special or general damages to cope with the financial, emotional or physical aftermath.

If the accident was caused by someone’s negligence, do not let them get away and repeat their mistakes.

Every action has a consequence. Contact The Rutan Law Firm and let our personal injury lawyers help you raise your voice.

Rutan Attorneys At Your Service

As an authority in personal injuries, The Rutan Law Firm offers legal assistance with a number of compensation cases that encompass motor vehicle accidents, anesthesia mistakes, surgical errors, wrongful death, nursing home neglect, and defective drugs, among other areas.

In recent years, Ohio has witnessed a rising number of cases related to motor vehicle accidents and medical malpractice, leaving a large toll of people physically, emotionally and financially vulnerable. Many of these individuals do not seek legal assistance due to lack of resources or trauma caused by the accident.

Having worked on a number of cases pertaining to personal injuries, our attorneys are well-versed with the nuances of personal injury law. We treat each case differently, bringing years of experience and expertise on board to hold the right people accountable.

If you are struggling to cope with the injuries, do not sit in silence. Take legal action and book an appointment with Attorney John P. M. Rutan today.


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