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As an experienced Hocking County criminal defense attorney, John P. M. Rutan will study the details of the case against you to try and find weaknesses that we can exploit. Once identified, weaknesses will be brought to the attention of the prosecution who may propose to offer a plea to lesser charges to avoid the costs and publicity of a trial. We will sit down with you to explain, in easy to understand, layman’s terms, what your options are and give you our recommendations. Then and only then will you make a decision as to how we are to proceed, taking the offer from the prosecution, or declining and proceeding to trial.

At the Law Office of John P.M. Rutan, we are experienced in dealing with the court system of Hocking County and have tried many cases with local judges and prosecutors. As a criminal defense attorney I work with clients in all areas of criminal defense including the following:

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence ranges from minor altercations such as a heated argument, tension from a pending divorce, or a child-rearing disagreement, to endangering the welfare of a child.

Drunk Driving

If you are arrested and charged with a DUI/OVI in Hocking County you’ll need an experienced Clark County criminal defense lawyer in your corner as you may be facing potential jail time and fines.

Probation Violation

If you have avoided prison by pleading to lesser charges, chances are that you are free, serving a probationary period.

Drug Charges

The attorneys at the Law Office of John P.M. Rutan pride themselves in providing zealous and drug charge defense representation from the first phone call you make to us to the final handshake.

Assault Defense

We understand that being charged with assault can have life-altering consequences so we need to prepare an aggressive and forward-thinking defense as soon as we can.

If you have been charged with a criminal offense in Hocking County don’t delay. Call the attorneys at the Law Office of John P.M. Rutan. We are experienced Hocking County criminal defense attorneys and we will give you the aggressive and intelligent criminal defense representation that you deserve.


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