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When you have been arrested and charged with a felony you need to make the all-important decision to hire the best Delaware County criminal defense attorney possible. You need someone with legal ability and experience but also someone who cares enough about you as a person to be willing to invest the time in your case. At the Law firm of John Rutan, we have successfully represented hundreds of clients in a full-range of felony charges. We will have the experience of representing someone like you no matter what type of felony you are charged with.

One of the most frequent felony crimes is assault. People argue and get into verbal altercations every day both domestic or professional, and these altercations often escalate into the threat of violence being used. If you have threatened someone with violence i.e.., hitting, punching, stabbing, shooting, and the threat was intentionally committed, you may have committed an assault and you’ll need to engage a criminal defense attorney immediately. You need to hire a Delaware County criminal defense attorney who is experienced and understands assault defense, what it takes to prove, and what you need to do.

A second type of felony we deal with is domestic violence. Domestic violence is usually the case when police are called to a home during the day or evening hours by a spouse wishing to resolve a dispute. Domestic violence situations may get loud and boisterous to the point of disturbing the peace in which case a neighbor or friend may call the police to come out and settle things down. You need to hire a Delaware County criminal defense attorney that understands the contributing factors that can lead to domestic violence.

A third type of felony we frequently defend against is DUI. Driving under the influence is a serious crime in Ohio and nationwide. If you are charged with DUI it will necessitate you hire an experienced Delaware County criminal defense attorney. In addition to looking at potential jail time and fines, a DUI conviction will remain on your record for six years and will be held against you in second and third offenses.

We are the firm that can best represent you in your felony defense. Please call the Delaware County criminal defense attorneys at The Law Firm of John Rutan now at 614-307-4343.


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