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Even as you face a felony charge in Ohio, you still have rights – and all it takes to best assert them is having the proper criminal defense attorney at your side. Serving Columbus, Franklin County, and the entire Ohio State, The Rutan Law Firm provides you with the necessary legal assistance to defend the criminal charges leveled against you. Whether it involves a DUI or an OMVI offense, a drug-related charge or a graver felony, a criminal accusation will make a serious impact on your person and reputation.

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    Fairfield County Ohio Criminal Defense Attorney

    Being charged with a felony is a stressful time. The wake of being charged with a felony crime is not the time to start to shop around for a lawyer. At The Rutan Law Firm, we are expert Fairfield county criminal defense attorneys and can help you make sense of what has transpired and help to put your situation into perspective. We can help you to fully understand the charges against you and give you an accounting of your options. In the days to come, we can put together the best case possible to ensure that your rights are vigorously defended. We will collect evidence, and perform an investigation to make sure your rights were not infringed upon from the time of the police investigation, the arrest and the subsequent booking.

    You need to hire the best Fairfield county criminal defense attorney and you are on the right web site. Facing felony charges in Fairfield County are serious business. Here are a few examples of the types of Fairfield County felony crimes by class. First degree felonies are rape, voluntary manslaughter and kidnapping. Second-degree felonies include Illegally manufacturing or processing explosives, soliciting prostitution after a positive HIV test and abduction. Third-degree felonies are reckless homicide, robbery and theft. Fourth degree felonies are unlawful sexual conduct with a minor, safecracking, and grand theft auto. Fifth degree felonies include, acceptance of objectionable materials, breaking and entering, and gambling. There are also two unclassified categories of felony, murder and aggravated murder that I need to address.

    If you have been charged with a felony, you need to call the Fairfield County criminal defense attorneys at The Rutan Law Firm at 614-307-4343. Do not take theses charges lightly. We are Fairfield County criminal defense attorneys that will provide you with zealous legal representation to defend the felony criminal charges leveled against you.


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