DUI Checkpoints Ohio

Avoiding DUI Checkpoints.

It is common knowledge that the police may stop your vehicle when they have reasonable suspicion that a traffic or criminal offense occurred or is about to occur. However, when can the police randomly without legitimately suspecting you of a traffic or criminal offense actually pull you over. In Ohio, checkpoints are an exception to this rule but must first meet a few requirements.

Columbus DUI Checkpoints

Ohio courts have allowed checkpoints if they meet the following requirements* for sobriety checkpoints:

(1) warning signs
(2) uniformed officers
(3) predetermined time and location and
(4) neutral criteria.

Ohio courts, have also ruled that you do have the right to turn around and avoid the checkpoint before you are stopped.

*See State v. Goines, 16 Ohio App.3d 168, 171

Remember, just because the police may have the right to pull you over and question you during a checkpoint, does not mean that have unfettered discretion to pull you out of your car and subject you to field sobriety tests. If you have been charged with a driving offense, please don’t hesitate to contact my firm for a free consultation to discuss the legalities of your case.

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