Wrongful Termination

Job security is one of the most important aspects of employment in any industry. Whether you work in a small, obscure start-up, or a multi-national corporation with a recognizable name, every organization is obligated by law to treat its employees fairly.

This means that if a company fired you for reasons that could be described as
“wrongful termination”, you may pursue legal action with the help of a qualified attorney.

Rutan Law Attorneys: Defending Employment Rights in Ohio

In Ohio, most companies hire employees on an “at-will” termination basis. This means that the organization legally reserves the right to fire an employee “at will” over something serious, trivial, or nothing at all.

Similarly, employees reserve the legal right to quit at any point in their career, without notice (unless stated otherwise in the contract). In most cases, however, it is a mutual agreement that serves and extends to both parties involved.

Luckily, there is still a way to protect yourself against wrongful termination, which is when an employee feels that he or she is fired “unlawfully”. This may include any of the following cases:

  • Discrimination: Also known as “Protected Class”, this means that employees cannot be fired based on their gender, national origin, military status, race, religion, age or disability.
  • Retaliation: If you were fired for being involved in an investigation related to employment discrimination, or because you directly opposed the act, it may be ruled as “retaliation”. You also have the liberty to report acts at the workplace that you believe to be illegal, without fear of termination.
  • Protected Activities: As an employee, you reserve the right to engage in protected activities, such as filing worker’s compensation claims, or taking leave under the FMLA. Being fired for engaging in these rightful activities is punishable by law.
  • Contractual Agreement: If you signed an employment contract that specifically states reasons for possible termination, including details of the procedure, you can work with a professional lawyer to make a strong case using the employee handbook.

In any case, if you feel you were wrongfully terminated, we highly recommend getting in touch with a qualified attorney at The Rutan Law Firm, who can help you pursue a lawsuit.

Remember, wrongful terminations can be difficult to prove on paper, and more so in court.

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