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    Eliminating Domestic Violence Charges with a Criminal Defense Attorney

    Posted on: February 16th, 2022 by rutanlaw No Comments

    A minor family argument turning into an opportunity for someone to call the cops and use the situation to target a person is not a rare scenario. Before the person realizes the severity of the problem, the other party may be ready with arrangements to land them in jail. In such a situation, a criminal defense attorney in Columbus can be the only savior for the person accused of domestic violence.

    Whether the person is partially involved or completely innocent, a criminal case may affect their personal and professional lives in the long run. And it may happen to anyone with no prior notice, including you. So, it is essential to have an idea of how a criminal attorney can ease things for you.

    Initial consultation

    Being accused of domestic violence can be overwhelming for someone with little to no involvement in the matter.

    The best way to take yourself out of a vulnerable situation is to connect with a criminal attorney for an initial consultation and be sure that you’re in the right hands. Make sure to ask them about their areas of expertise and whether they have experience handling domestic violence cases.

    Minimizing fine and jail time

    Domestic violence charges may incur hefty fines, jail sentences, or both. The only way to minimize or eliminate them is to prove your innocence. With no idea of the next right step, you may feel confused. That’s where a criminal defense attorney in Columbus comes in. They can help obtain a dismissal and negotiate the best plea offer if dismissal is not possible.

    Reducing no-contact order restrictions

    Following a domestic violence allegation, the accused person has to follow a no-contact order, which prevents them from coming in any personal touch with the alleged victim.

    These restrictions are usually defined as a minimum number of feet and last for up to twelve months, making it difficult for spouses or ex-spouses to exchange children or spend time with them together. An experienced attorney can file a petition to reduce the restriction.

    Demanding discovery

    Your attorney will be well-versed with all the court procedures and know what evidence to collect to prove your innocence. Based on the available body-cam footage medical records, they can demand discovery and bring outcomes in your favor.

    The bottom line

    Reaching out to the best criminal defense attorney in Ohio can heighten your chances of success while minimizing the waste of time, money, and energy. They can also be your best assistant in restoring your lost reputation and exposing the other member trying to frame you. The key to success is to look for an experienced attorney in your area and discuss your case.

    Rutan Law is one of Ohio’s top criminal defense firms and trial attorneys. Our firm’s managing lawyer, John P.M. Rutan — ranked in the Top 100 Trial Lawyer in the country — works with each client personally to help identify what avenues, programs, and means of mitigation may assist during the pendency of any criminal case.

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