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Even as you face a felony charge in Ohio, you still have rights – and all it takes to best assert them is having the proper criminal defense attorney at your side. Serving Columbus, Franklin County, and the entire Ohio State, The Rutan Law Firm provides you with the necessary legal assistance to defend the criminal charges leveled against you. Whether it involves a DUI or an OMVI offense, a drug-related charge or a graver felony, a criminal accusation will make a serious impact on your person and reputation.

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    When you are arrested and charged with assault in Licking County, understand that police are not your friend. They will use sophisticated tricks to try to get a confession out of you or at the very least try and trick you into making statements that will incriminate yourself. The only person you should be talking with is a Licking County assault charge attorney who will be by your side battling the police from the very moment you are arrested. Call the Licking County assault charge attorneys at the Law Office of John P.M. Rutan the moment you are taken into custody and before you say a word to the authorities. You have the right to remain silent and the right not to incriminate yourself.

    Licking County assault charges are serious violent crimes that could lead to heavy penalties. In addition to receiving a criminal record, if you are convicted of assault you could spend time in prison, have your guns taken away from you, get fired from your job and/or lose your professional license. Our firm will seek not only to have the charges against you thrown out, but also to have your good name restored.

    There are two basic types of assault, common assault, and aggravated assault. According to the law in Ohio, a person can be charged with assault if the knowingly cause harm to another. Aggravated assault is assaulting someone with a deadly weapon. Misdemeanor assault can land you in jail for up to 180 days and carry with it a $1000 fine. If the assault is on a handicapped person, the jail term can by up to 5 years and the fine $10,000. Assault on or near school grounds on a teacher or administrator carries a 180-day sentence and $2,500 fine. If the assault is against a police officer, the prison term can be up to 5 years and a $10,000 fine.


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